Key To Making More Money


Many people think talent is what it takes to make more money online.  They think that is the key to making more money online…


It’s not.  Talent helps, but it only takes you so far.


So — maybe it’s skills?  Maybe the key to making more money online is skills?


It’s not.  Skills pay the bills, this is true and skills certainly help, but skills only take you so far.


Maybe it’s charisma?


Many think you have to be some charismatic guru… some celebrity… someone with the “IT FACTOR”.  Perhaps that is the key to making more money online.




All those things help.


Maybe it’s brains?  Do you need to be smart, some genius level geek who gets all this technical stuff?  Nope, I know a lot of dumb rich folks online.  It’s CERTAINLY not brains, or I’d not have produced tens of millions online myself!


So no.  It’s not your degrees or certifications or grade point average.


So what is it?


It is courage and discipline… period. It’s scheduled, sustained, disciplined, effort.


It’s taking risks, it’s escaping comfort zones, it’s having bravery and courage to level-up and do the things you know you should do, but wont let yourself do them.


It’s doing it anyway, despite the fears, despite the risks… despite your personal problems… it’s finding a way over or under or through any obstacle and doing it anyway.


It’s having FAITH to go for it (courage).


And, it’s scheduling your time… scheduling your effort… putting it in your calendar… making yourself do the things you scheduled yourself to do, even if you don’t feel like doing it.


I’m about to drive my son to baseball practice… I got to finish this article before we leave.  I have to do it though… because this article and the podcast episode was SCHEDULED on my calendar.


It’s the last thing I have scheduled for today in my business.


This article you are reading would not have happened if it was not scheduled.


Does that take brains or charisma or talents?


Nope, it takes simply scheduling it and doing it.


THIS is — whatever you want to call this — what it takes to make more money.  This is the key to making more money!


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