Ron Lynch

While tasing some new Bourbon… two friends, Ron Lynch and Eric Louviere, sat down at Ron’s house and had an incredible time discussing life, business, failure, success, celebrities, high achievers, how to be great, how to rebound from burn-out, stories and so much more.

(Even some tears were shed)

This is a journey you’ll love to walk through with Ron Lynch and Eric Louviere… 

Talk Hollywood, screenplays, distribution networks, big huge business, your purpose, underserving markets, how to sell things, failure, stories, doing what you love, Bourbon ice clanking in our glasses, being around high achievers, top of the food chain people…

Stories about:

Peggy Fleming figure skater Olympic Gold Medalist

Mitch Gaylord Olympic Gold Medalist

So much more, a fun and entertaining and wildly lucrative discussion you must dig into and enjoy!